It's ideal to have a reliable, custom-fit solution close by while dealing with big data. Get expert-level information experts to handle yours.

We empower organizations working in the increasingly data-centric environment to get key business value from data of numerous origins, including:

Enterprise Data

Embracing CRM systems, transactional ERP data, and the variety of semi-structured and unstructured data types residing in content repositories.

Sensor-Generated Data

Data gathered from industrial hardware, smart gadgets, connected appliances, control systems and whatever other IoT devices.

Machine Data

Clickstream, log files and any other machine-generated data for end-to-end transaction visibility and complete insight across IT infrastructure.

Social Data

Human-created computerized impressions and other information from web-based social networking sources and area based services laying basis for a 360⁰ client view.


Our expertise in big data and BI solutions development expands upon long-standing mastery in executing very much coordinated technologies, systems and devices over the whole data cycle. When setting up project teams, we choose pros whose foundation and abilities adjust best to your venture needs.

Business Analysts

Don't get lost exploring through the big data landscape. SkyTecSolution's business experts will help you understand the correct objectives and the best ways to complete them.

Big Data Architects & Engineers

Driven by DevOps and fast application development standards, our core dev group's exercises consolidate efficiency tuning and end-to-end software QA and testing.

Data Scientists

We are specialists at arranging the cast of BI development for a possibly multiplicative impact on the business alongside curating the data veracity of the analysis pipeline.

Database Admins

SkyTecSolution knows how to design a data warehouse that is reliable, scalable and fast, and how to administer and enhance a database environment that is effective, trouble-free and secure.


SkyTecSolution works with all the leading factors required to reliably transform data into action. We offer end-to-end BI solution implementation services, from data union through plunging profoundly into analytical processing to real-time visualization:

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

BI Assessment & Technology Consulting

Clear-cut alignment of business needs and IT capacities with data-driven opportunities:

  • Client's technology environment assessment
  • Functional business needs assessment
  • Corporate standards, policy and security environment assessment
  • Implementation approach proposal

Data Integration

High-performance ETL engines for qualitative transformation of fragmented data silos:

  • Data aggregation from a variety of sources (applications, XML, mainframe, flat files, social media, Hadoop, NoSQL, RDBMS, machine data, etc.)
  • Custom adapters and connectors to rare data formats
  • Consolidation of multiple structured, unstructured, semi-structured, real-time, batch, etc. data types
  • Data normalization, profiling and cleansing
Data Integration
Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

Architecting quality into BI-ready warehouses and data marts:

  • Database architecture design and data modeling
  • Data quality management
  • Metadata management
  • Enterprise-class discovery and search
  • Data migration services
  • Database maintenance and optimization

Core Analytics

Putting advanced technologies at work for real-world business success:

  • Stream data analytical processing
  • Predictive analytics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) solutions
  • OLAP cubes for big data cases
  • KPI calculations setup and implementation of configuration tools
Core Analytics
Data Presentation

Data Presentation

From complex ideas into actionable insights with clarity, precision and elegance:

  • Real-time visualization dashboards distributed through web, mobile and API
  • Personalized experiences and restricted user access to specific data types and level of detail
  • Manageable report builders and data export tools


IoT Data

Predictive maintenance and advanced analytics solutions for smart home automation, connected hospital, and transportation use cases.

Customer Analytics

Helping organizations to future-proof awesome client dealings with custom-made marketing and sales analytics frameworks, including high-load product (game) analytics engines.


Enabling enterprises to design great data into the business processes distributed across multiple systems, activity- and data-centric alike.


Our innovation capabilities are consistently advancing to incorporate the best tools and systems developing on the technology scene, with specific thoughtfulness regarding cloud-based and mobile BI. Among others, we work with the following technologies:

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