SkyTecSolution uses best in class learning management systems and mobile learning solutions, blueprints and creates custom eLearning and corporate eTraining solutions for organizations and learners around the world.


eLearning Service Providers

We offer a full range of services for ESPs along the whole software development lifecycle, including product upgrade, customization, integration, QA and testing, support and upkeep or delivery from scratch.

Corporate Training Divisions

Our specialists have boundless ability in planning instructive, engaging, and entertaining web based learning and corporate training experiences customized to fit your particular business needs.

Educational Institutions

SkyTecSolution delivers an extensive variety of solutions embracing virtual classroom integration, online education, admission, evaluation, scheduling, reporting and that's just the beginning.

Educational Content Publishers

With vast experience in mobile and web development, we offer custom secure solutions for content distribution, stockpiling, search and classification that permits you to make extra income streams through different dispersion channels.

360° eLearning Coverage

We offer our customers custom turnkey arrangements that guarantee ceaseless information obtaining and effective skills retention with sustainable outcomes. We address various business needs by creating multifaceted and innovative eLearning applications enriched with engaging learning and administration features:

Learning Management Systems

Learning Portals

mLearning Solutions

Assessment and Evaluation Tools

Wikis and Collaboration Tools


Interaction & Engagement

  • Vast online communication capabilities including course chatrooms and embedded messaging systems
  • Support for various presentation methods for educational materials, including rich media illustrations, animations, simulations as well as audio and video streaming or playback
  • Social Networking capabilities that enable students, tutors and managers to draw upon implicit or explicit social connections between them
  • Gamification to increase learners’ natural desire for competition, goal achievement, and genuine self-expression while promoting interactivity and a quantifiable outcome

Reporting & Analytics

  • Real-time/on-demand/scheduled reporting of performance, progress, and completion of eLearning courses, activities, and programs
  • Role-specific customizable dashboards for managers, tutors, learners and more
  • Integrated toolsets for comparing learner performance between courses or individual and peer results
  • Data mining and visual analytics tools to derive actionable information from student interaction with online resources

Content Management

  • In-built learning content management modules including rich multimedia editors
  • Advanced scheduling features for course planning, content delivery and management
  • Ability to structure and update course offerings and distribute them to target groups
  • Integration of external content, functions, and services to customize learning materials

Custom Testware

  • Customized dashboards that facilitate test creation and structuring
  • Advanced options for questions randomization and grading
  • Instant feedback options for course managers, tutors and students
  • Adaptive scoring subsystems based on question grouping and test structure


  • Full learning management system functionality across all platforms and form factors
  • Same look, feel and navigational tools to provide continuity no matter how students access the course
  • Just-in-time access to information, knowledge and resources that provides valuable performance support and raises learners’ knowledge retention abilities
  • Caching and syncing capabilities that enable educational materials to be saved if connectivity is lost, and assignments to be submitted when it becomes available


  • SCORM conformant software that plays well with other learning management systems in place
  • Section 508 compliance to make sure that the delivered solution is accessible for people with disabilities
  • AICC packaging to store content on a separate server and support secure information transfers with HTTPS
  • Tin Can/Experience API (xAPi) to collect data about the wide range of learners’ online and offline experiences


Including superior learning management frameworks our hands-on skill permits us to provide exceptionally custom fitted online instructional classes, eLearning and e-library software or incorporate your current applications with 3rd party solutions. Based on your business requirements, SkyTecSolution can epitomize your thoughts in immaculate SCORM compliant learning management systems.

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