SkyTecSolution has set up a Quality Management System (QMS) containing an intricate arrangement of engineering and administrative exercises that guarantee bespoke nature of delivered software all through the work process.


  • Elaboration and implementation of procedures and regulations for software development process based on industry standards and best practices;
  • Product lifecycle monitoring to ensure compliance with established processes and guidelines
  • Product quality verification and validation to ensure that it complies with clients’ business needs and expectations;
  • Establishment of an effective collaboration between all project team members.


Quality Planning

SkyTecSolution assembles quality plans that administer the relevant set of benchmarks, directions, procedures, rules and tools amid the development lifecycle in each venture.

Quality Assurance

We have built up procedures that assess project execution with a goal to guarantee that quality standards are being followed and that the deliverables consent to client prerequisites.

Quality Control

We measure performance patterns to find out the bugs in code, check that deliverables are of high caliber and that they are finished and ready to work with right from the get go.


SkyTecSolution's QA office is an independent subdivision. Our QA group comprises of well-trained QA engineers who get included in ventures on a dedicated or an on-request premise. The distribution of QA engineers relies upon venture size and complexity: they can be effortlessly reallocated starting with one project then onto the next upon need. Such adaptability permits us to improve on our work and, hence, the general project budget. Our QA Department is responsible for:


SkyTecSolution performs quality confirmation all through the software devlopment lifecycle with QA experts involved at all stages. A Lead QA pro is doled out at the beginning of each venture and is included into introductory business analysis and requirement gathering. Such a concurrent cooperation of our development and QA units accommodates a superior understanding of the project scope and the customer's business needs. A normal QA lifecycle at SkyTecSolution incorporates the following stages:

Initiation and Planning

Project specification analysis, test plan elaboration and team assignment

First Review

Initial testing of first development deliverables, refining the test plan and test items (if necessary).

Iteration Audits

Ongoing testing of intermediate iterations builds

Final Verification and Validation

Final product testing to ensure bespoke quality and readiness for deployment.

We utilize the full spectrum of test types as to ensure that your project enjoys in-depth quality assurance:

  • Functional and Regression Testing;
  • GUI and Usability Testing;
  • Accessibility Testing;
  • Compatibility Testing;
  • Performance Testing;
  • Installation / Configuration Testing;
  • System / Integration Testing;
  • Security Testing;
  • Internationalization / Localization Testing;
  • User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
full spectrum of test types

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