Here at SkyTecSolution we pay due attentiveness to security and intellectual property protection. We are persistently dedicated to securing business processes from end to end and respecting our clients' intellectual property rights and information. In light of this, we have set up an arrangement of corporate approaches and strategies that each representative must agree to, for example, account, data, and physical security, alongside more particular arrangements covering interior applications and systems that workers are required to take after.


We realize that the economic value of your software assets critically depends on the nature of IP rights involved. Bearing that in mind, we utilize best practices and all the available legal and physical means to protect your legitimate interests.

Information Non-Disclosure

We sign a non-disclosure agreement with our client. Our team of professionals will make sure your data remains secure and private with us. In a sea of technological companies, it is tough to find a good one and build a long term relationship. Thats why, we give our clients full security of their provided data and details.

Distributed Environment

Our applications keep running in a multi-inhabitant, distributed atmosphere. As opposed to isolating every client's information onto a solitary machine or set of machines, SkyTecSolution restrictive and client information is circulated among a common framework involving various homogeneous systemss situated over numerous geologically distributed data centers.

Title Transfer

We recognize your desire of full proprietorship and control over the IP that your organization requires to conduct its business. We have set up a lawful framework which guarantees that all representatives, advisors and outsiders consent to arrangements that dole out all IP to SkyTecSolution promptly on creation and waive all moral rights to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Data Destruction

At the point when relieved from our systemss, disks containing client information are subjected to an data destruction process before leaving our premises. The disks are coherently wiped by approved team utilizing a procedure affirmed by the IT security group and released to stock for reuse and redeployment. In the event its impossible because of equipment failuret, the disks are physically demolished by degaussing.


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