None of the software system solutions are created the same. We offer yours the advantage of being totally handled of all the necessities right from the kickoff.


Business investigators at SkyTecSolution work together with client representatives, evoking and approving necessities through meetings, UI outline walkthroughs, or prototype assessments. The prerequisites development process inside our organization embraces the following stages:

Scope Definition

  • Understanding the business vision, goals and objectives of the new or replaced solution;
  • Defining the context for the project undertaking.


  • Analyzing the elicited solution ideas, business, user, functionality and data requirements
  • Analyzing constraints, business rules, and solution quality attributes
  • Prototyping interfaces to provide visual models of the proposed solutions.


  • Prototyping requirements;
  • Testing requirements;
  • Negotiating, validating and verifying requirements with all stakeholders


  • Identifying requirements stakeholders
  • Eliciting requirements through interviews, workshops, focus groups, observations, document analysis, etc.


  • Structuring and categorizing the requirements;
  • Ensuring every individual business, user, functional, and nonfunctional requirement is complete, correct, feasible, concise, prioritized, unambiguous and verifiable.


  • Managing requirements version control, change control, requirements status tracking and tracing;
  • Enabling requirements reuse and risk management.


Requirements Specifications

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • QA engineer

The complete, concise, consistent and modifiable documentation (vision and scope document, SRS, use cases, etc.) delivered by SkyTecSolution provide our Customers with a reliable basis for subsequent project planning, design, and coding.

The delivered specifications describe as completely as necessary the system’s required functionality and behaviors under differing conditions, desired framework qualities, for example, performance, convenience in using, and security, as well as design and implementation limits.

Technical Design

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software architect
  • QA engineer

We propose a well-planned, practical and sound architectural way to deal with the system’s technical requirements while guaranteeing the required system availability, effectiveness, performance, scalability and reliability. We delibrately break down all functional requirements to detect those that are technically infeasible or excessively costly to actualize, propose the most suited underlying technology stack and come up with well-considered system architecture.

UI/UX Mockups

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX expert
  • QA engineer

Exhibition of requirements practicality through working UI plans takes into account exploring diverse client communication methods and streamlining system's ease of use.

The UI mockups and intelligent wireframes offered by SkyTecSolution depict screen formats (hues, design, illustrations, controls) and the navigation structure, including a point by point portrayal of screen elements, their properties and behaviour under various conditions.

Working Prototype/ Proof-of-concept

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Software architect
  • UI/UX expert
  • Software engineer
  • QA engineer

We create functional prototypes and proof-of-concepts to сlarify, complete, validate, and assess the accuracy and quality of the elicited requirements.

Evolutionary prototypes are constructed by using production tools in a production-like operating environment to be subsequently elaborated into fully-functional products through a series of iterations, while securing timely course adjustments early in the project.

Flexible Engagement

We approach however fragmentary business necessities and develop them to a finished, all around organized, documented deliverables.

Accurate Implementation

We handle point by point requirement details as told by the Customer, effectively making an interpretation of programming necessities into superb working arrangements.

Agile Approach

We handle requirements in an inherently agile manner, supporting incremental delivery of potentially shippable portions of functionality.

Scope Creep Management

Recognizing that, with software prerequisites, change happens, we guarantee proactive administration of ongoing volatility of scope as the venture advances.

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